Monday, 2 November 2015

Animation exercise: Movement timeline

Bouncy Ball photo flash ball speed_zpsksreslle.gif

crazy ball photo flash ball speed crazy ball_zpsfvatxu68.gif
These simple bouncing balls are one of the fundamentals in learning how to animate shapes and movement. For this exercise, we had to keep close attention to a timeline of what speed the ball would fall, which in turn determines the weight of ball and a the gravity of the bounce. To simulate to ball falling or rising at it's accelerating or slow down speed, it has the ordinary circle shape, which becomes more elongated as it picks up speed, as well as being squashed by gravity to create the bounce. The next step was to try and think about the movements of an object a bit more random. It was difficult to accurately depict and convincingly show the movements of a random object, however I did have a thought on how the environment would effect the small ball.  

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