Monday, 28 September 2015

Digital Thumbnails pages 1 and 2

17- Baucis, 18- Argia, 19, Ersilia, 20- Baucis, 21- Baucis, 22- Moriana, 23- Despina, 24- Tamara, 25- Tamara
26- Tamara 27- Phyllis, 28- Zirma, 29-Argia, 30- Zenobia, 31- Despina, 32- Leonia, 33- Moriana, 34- Fedora 

1 comment:

  1. Hey Zoe :)

    Okay - well, in addition to our conversation today about 'developing scale' in regard to your cities... your thumbnails are quite 'details' preoccupied, lots of line art and outlines. I wonder if maybe you could consider working more simply in the first instance - thinking more about form and shape and *why* your various buildings look the way they do. It does seem too as if your limiting yourself to 'one thumb per city' as opposed to letting yourself explore each city using multiple thumbnails. It's difficult to see too much distinctiveness between your thumbnails - it's as if they might all be bits of the same city, and that's why I think you could and should produce more thumbnails for each city, so you're drilling down into the descriptions and really trying to establish what makes each of them different and distinctive. I get the sense that actually, you just need to relax and produce more, so we've got a bit more to get excited about and to fuel more expansive feedback. What do you think?