Friday, 21 August 2015

Concept art 14

Fusing objects 10,11 and 8, I wanted to reinvent the light bulb into a life form. I didn't really go in with a plan and the end result is a little cluttered. 


  1. Hey Zoe, I'm Charlie one of the many second years. I really like this, it looks really cool, kind of frog like. Could make a really interesting creature.

    I would also like to give you a word of advice on posting on Blogger, I suggest that maybe you could condense your posts down, so instead of loads of little posts, you could post one bigger post with all of the work in.

    See you around the CG space and I hope you enjoy your time on the course :)

    1. Thanks Charlie, it's really helpful to receive feedback for this piece, one that I wasn't so sure of but something that could make for a really unique design. And thanks for the tip, I am definitely still finding my feet with Blogger.