Friday, 21 August 2015

Concept art 13

I was having fun with the shape and referencing the angler fish, inventing the sad story of the angler fish shoe: because its' fins are too small to do anything other than steer, it lies in wait for someone to put on the shoe and carry it off to another destination. But why would anyone put on a shoe that tries to eat your feet? I combined objects 9 and 2, to make the lure of the fish.


  1. I really like this thumbnail - it's just begging to be flipped up, so it's not sitting on the floor plane like that - i'd like to see you do more with that ferocious, high-heel inspired maw!

  2. Because of the fluid shape of the head and the lure, I'd like to continue building on the body, to get a sense on what it looks like as a whole creature. I have a few ideas in that direction, but I still see it as a rather sympathetic character.