Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Pitch reflective statement

I think my pitch to the client Doctor Klappa went well, in terms of what he wanted from a scientific perspective. I don't think I chose a design style that was too metaphorical or hard to understand in correlation to cancer. The main thing I was worried about was how open the audience and the client would be to idea of using a paper craft style, whether they would question if it would be appropriate of using an aesthetic that can be quite whimsical and use it to describe cancer, but I think I managed to convey why it could work with the context of my chosen audience, and to be a source of information and design being used to peak interest for an off-putting subject matter. I think it's very important for people of a young age to gain a clear understanding of what cancer is and how it develops because of how many people it affects. I was able to gauge that from the client, the audience and my tutors that they really appreciated this sort of mixed media animation style, so I believe I have the full go-ahead for the idea and concept.

What didn't work well in the presentation of my animatic was a clear negative reaction to my colour choices and font, which juxtaposed with the idea I was pitching, and made it appear to have a moodier tone. Though I explained beforehand that the text was in the place of a narration that should be added in the final piece, the font was too jarring for this context. What I wanted for my animatic was to quickly convey the movement and texture style I wanted to use for the final piece, to show how I'd like the paper to unfold and create the environment, in a stop motion kind of style. These were just basic textures I had to hand, but it didn't fill my client with confidence as it created some confusion of what the final product would look like from the animatic. Going forward, I think I should take time to clean up and present on my blog environment designs that are more focused for an audience and in particular, really pinpoint on correct colour as I realise now it can really impact tone and it may of created some unnecessary worry for the client.

Another thing I think should be updated are the designs of my cells, being mean to be just simple but I was told be careful of shape as they look to similar to eyeballs and the cancer cell too much like a fish. It may be best to go even simpler and maybe not worry about getting the designs too similar to actual cells. There could be a tighter correlation between both cells as they look too different and there needs to be some sort of relationship between them, as cancer cells come from regular cells that have just mutated and become much bigger than they should be.

I think if I work quickly on re-tweaking these designs, there will be less cause for my tutors to worry because of their wondering if  I could get this done in time and get it translated into a 3D animated film in the weeks I have left. I believe since I am trying to go for a simpler designed world, I know what I will realistically be able to get done in that time.

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