Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Online Greenlight Review

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  1. OGR 03/03/2016

    Hi Zoe,

    I'm a bit confused by your OGR - and bit worried too about your drawings of two complex humanoid characters! Given your limited experience of Maya and the no small fact that, thus far, you've been unable to complete project work on schedule, I'd strongly encourage you to be looking at the ways in which a strong style can be used effectively to make the very most from simpler CGI components. One of the reasons why we work with bioscientific scenarios at the end of year one is precisely because it doesn't challenge newbies to model human characters! This is as true of committing yourself to modelling complex mosquitos too! I don't get a strong sense from your OGR of a clear visual direction or art style, though your influence maps and early thumbnails suggest something rather moody. You've got a few sketches of what look to be viruses etc, but you've got a range of styles, from illustrative to cartoony - so again, I'm not clear on your strategy. You've got one digital painting of what looks like an exterior street scene, taped off on account of a Zika epidemic, but again, all I'd say is that given the level of challenge re. depicting the 'innerspace' of the scenario, I'd ask questions about the practicalities of you thinking about involving an exterior digital set. Are you able to clarify your intentions further, Zoe? I'm sorry to report that I don't think you've thought about this enough since briefing day and you're not as far ahead as you need to be. I'd value a much clearer indication from you in terms of the direction this project is going to take. Let me know.