Friday, 26 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage: Ideas and Sketches

I'm trying to explore a mixture of bird and mosquito designs, as well as strands and bacteria, so it is at least somewhat clear these are virus cells

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  1. Hey Zoe... just remember that that any complexity you design, you'll have to manifest in Maya... just think sensibly about planning for this project; find a style and approach that is a) cool and b) achievable by you in the timeframe. Your drawings here are lovely and detailed... I'd suggest your approach to Maya should be considerably less so. Be strategic, be sensible, and use a strong style to carry your film.

    Meanwhile... just a gentle prod from me re. completing the Internal Student Survey. Go here for the original post and a bit more info about the survey and why it's important to participate.

    They should have emailed your login details to your ucreative accounts, but if no email has arrived contact and request your login details from the powers-that-be. When you've completed the survey leave a 'done it' comment on the original post - this means I'll stop prodding you - gently or otherwise! ;) Many thanks!