Sunday, 24 January 2016

@Phil Post-OGR Story Ideas and Revision

Hi Phil, following your feedback on my OGR about the story, I've come up with some new ideas and some thoughts on your scenario.
  • Burglar breaks into the house, angering the ghost that lives there. It tries multiple ways to deter the burglar, e.g possessing paintings and cutlery to spook the burglar and drive him out.
  • The burglar isn't aware of the ghost in the house and just steals the object that the ghost attacks him with.
  • The ghost gets desperate and attacks the burglar with the fireworks to get his attention, but gets way too invested in chasing the burglar that the house is destroyed while the ghost was trying to protect it. 
  • The ghost is left in the wreckage and the burglar joins as a ghost.
  • The house isn't haunted, but the burglar brakes in to steal the fireworks but accidentally dies in the process and becomes a ghost.
  • The burglar tries to steal from the house of a a ghost child who loved fireworks, so the burglar 'redeems' himself by helping the ghost pass on by lighting the fireworks, but by doing so, drawing attention to himself to the police after him.
  • Taken from your idea, maybe the narrative is set up so that the audience catches reference to the trick of using the house as a trap for the burglar as flashback, so it's not immediately obvious the house isn't haunted.

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  1. Of all of these, the easiest to set up for audiences quickly is the first.