Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Maya Tutorials: Lighting and Rendering

Midday Cottage Scene- comprised of two images, the cottage scene and the the background

This time, the reason for the tutorial is to practice controlling the lighting of a scene and how to effectively cut down on rendering time. The more changes to a scene and higher quality of shots increases the rendering time. In the testing, it was important to bring down the quality of the render to 25% and the lighting to a lower output of shadows. For a full render, I separated the background object from the cottage scene by giving it it's own layer so as to render them on their own. Saving each rendered image as a Tiff file. I was able to combine the images in Photoshop and add edits to the scenes like a Gaussian Blur. In some instances like the 'Romantic scene' I created additional layers to change the blending mode for a better lighting to the scene. For the other scenes of the cottage, I adjusted the colour filter of the scene and lighting for different moods and the colour of the background for different times of day.

Afternoon Cottage Scene

Romantic Cottage Scene

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