Thursday, 5 November 2015

What If? Metropolis OGR Presentation


  1. OGR 05/11/2015

    Hi Zoe,

    I absolutely loved your travelogue! Utterly charming, and I think you've absolutely nailed this element of the project (though you've got some typos in there which I think you should sort: for example Art *Nuveau* and 'hang baskets' instead of hanging baskets...). I really like your digital thumbnails too - I like their cleanliness and use of pattern. You've produced lots of thumbnails in preparation for this OGR and that's satisfying too. I loved that image of your city being like a box of fancy chocolates too. In terms of taking things forward, you need to start thinking about the focus of your digital set and the role of the matte painting. Which bit of this city are you showing us, and why? Do the buildings you choose have special significance in terms of transmitting the culture and civilisation of Zolotoy? They should do. There's fun and joyfulness shining out of this travelogue, and I'm hoping you can get that quality into your concept art, and everything else.

    So, next stop - concept art paintings! Onwards!