Thursday, 19 November 2015

What If Metropolis OGR part 2

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  1. OGR 19/11/2015

    Hi Zoe,

    Hmmm. Well, if I'm being honest, I suggest you rethink your ambitions for your digital set and the emphasis. Firstly, drop the idea of the horse and carriage; not completely sure if you're planning on modelling the carriage (or the horse!?) - but either way, I suggest you move your attention onto the hero assets themselves - your buildings. You appear to be attempting some kind of 'master shot', but I suggest you zone in more so and take us 'into' your city. I think your plan is to model just the foreground buildings, and everything else is a matte painting? I think you need to rebalance this emphasis - put one of your principle buildings as the focal point of your composition, and work a composition up from there. Your concept art is odd; it doesn't hang together and compositionally I don't know what is supposed to be important. I'm not sure either why you've given time to creating orthographs of components we're not going to see - so chairs and plant holders etc - the only orthographs you should be producing are those that relate to what you intend to model from when you get in Maya? You appear confused in this respect as to the 'point' of this process... Your building orthographs are nicely worked out, so I suggest you focus on these as being the prime components of any new compositions you take forward.

    In general terms, Zoe, there's something a bit too scrappy about the way you've put this together and I really want to see you upping your presentational sophistication as we more towards week 12 and the production of your Art Of etc. In terms of your next job, go simpler in terms of your final composition - take us closer to your city, take us closer to your key assets and use your matte painting to suggest more of the city in the background behind those key elements. Stand us in front of one of your buildings, as if we're a tourist in Faberge's city. And no horse, drawn or otherwise!