Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Concept Art- Sketchbook Thumbnails 92-105

92- Zirma, 93- Zirma, 94- Diomira, 95- Argia, 96- Isaura, 97- Sophronia, 98- Armilla, 99- Sophronia, 100- Isaura, 101-Isaura, 102- Phyllis, 103- Diomira, 104- Isaura, 105- Armilla

Here I have have a hand in drawing some cities that I hadn't yet drawn. Most were just to get a feel of the city and to relate it closely to the text, though for the building designs of Isaura, I feel like I have followed the text loosely, as based on the design of a city built above a lake, I tried to give it a subterranean feel, basing the houses instead on fishing nets and subterranean life like the Blobfish, rather then focusing on the wells of the city. 

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  1. I like this page of thumbnails, Zoe - illustrative and rather charming.