Sunday, 13 September 2015

Machine turnaround

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  1. Hello Zoe! Welcome to Computer Animation Arts!
    My name is Steven, and I'm going to be acting as a mentor of sorts to you throughout your time on the course.
    I am a recent graduate of the course, with a fondness for cinema, comic books and video games. Tick any of those massively broad boxes and I’m sure we’ll get along spectacularly!
    I will be visiting your blog regularly, providing you with feedback, critique and suggestions relating to whatever you happen to post.
    As I’m sure you’ve heard from Phil, post regularly to really get the most out of your blog. Regular critique is really the best way of advancing your project in new and interesting directions. Reserving your work for a single post a week is fine, however you may learn something on Saturday that you could have known on Monday, had you posted something earlier. As well as regular posts, you’re going to want to steer your blog’s appearance away from the templates pretty soon-ish. Your blog should be clearly arranged, unique to you and reflective of its primary curator (in other words, make it your own!). You’re going to want to hit that sweet spot between personal and professional. Oh, and avoid using any of the Dynamic Templates that Blogger provide. They’re a bit of a technical nightmare for half the people that try to view your work.
    Right, thats enough lecturing!
    In addition to posting on your blog, I’m always available to help with technical queries relating to Maya, Premiere Pro and After Effects (among the million other bits of software used on the course), as well as proof reading essays, brainstorming ideas and anything else you may need a hand with.
    You can reach me through my own blog, (looking shamefully neglected at the moment…), or drop me an email at I’m fairly local to the uni too, so dropping in as required isn’t out of the question either.
    Okay, I think thats everything! I look forward to seeing more of your work and I hope to hear from you soon!