Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Abstract Exercise, Thumbnails 35-50

35- Baucis, 36- Baucis, 37- Armilla, 38- Baucis, 39- Armilla, 40- Armilla

41- Baucis, 42- Baucis, 43, Zirma, 44- Zirma, 45- Anastasia, 46- Moriana

47- Baucis, 48- Armilla, 49- Baucis, 50- Anastasia 

Painting freely, and not having to worry about tone, form, or substance was interesting and it gave me a lot of ideas for digital thumbnails, which I am still getting the hang of. I found myself not looking at which brush I was using, but just picking one that looked the best for a mood I was trying to convey in each thumbnail. 

The cities I pick for this exercise were Armilla, Esmerelda, Baucis, Zirma and Moriana. In this session, I was introduced to a way of working and picking out themes and symbols to draw by Word Stacking, picking out random words of the text and writing down whatever springs to mind. This way I'm not just drawing the whole city, just a theme or motif of the city to separate it from others with similar ideas to it, like the Spider Web cities, Octavia and Ersilia. 

When using the marque tool and manipulating the pictures by colour or warping, I tried to do it with a clear purpose, to elongate them if they are described as thin cities, to give them a clear thematic design to fit in with the personality of the city. For example, I gave Zirma a very jagged, warped and fairly eye-popping contrasting colours as the city is described as maddening or insane.

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